Drive productivity and improvement

Engage and empower every team member

Avoid getting lost in mountains of data

Drive Productivity and Improvement

Get the actionable insights you need to run a more efficient operation

Measure and Plan

Takt works with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and time clocks to measure your performance, understand where you are, and set goals to get you to where you want to be.

Take Action

Don’t settle for reading the data – know what to do with it. Takt prioritizes opportunities for improvement and helps you and your team tackle pressing challenges.

Crush the competition

Takt helps you develop a world-class operation and create stronger customer experiences by lowering costs, decreasing lead times, and increasing employee engagement.

You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once

Understand What’s Unfolding On The Floor In Real Time

Get detailed breakdowns of your employee’s day. Visualize changes in departments, break times, quantity, and shift times all in one place.

Engage & Empower Your Entire Team

Don’t just measure your employees – get their input.

Get everyone’s input

Your employees are your greatest asset and the key to unlocking productivity. Takt combines metrics and employee feedback to give you a holistic view of your operation.

Engage and train

Most software doesn’t know (or care) what’s really going on with your team. With Takt, give your team the tools & coaching they need to succeed.

Make productivity a team sport

Measure and reward productivity and improvement at all levels of your organization and across direct, indirect, and overhead teammates.

Ditch The Paper

Provide Coaching & Feedback Based on Performance

Recording notes, coaching, and observations on paper doesn’t cut it. Takt enables you to organize employee feedback and track their effectiveness.

So Much Data, So Much Noise

Avoid getting lost in mountains of data and complex systems

Make sense of your data

Takt connects your WMS, Timeclock, and other systems to ingest, consolidate, and understand millions of records per day to cut through noise.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Stop losing time (and money) exporting and formatting data. With Takt, spend less time buried in spreadsheets and more time improving productivity.

Continuous Improvement

The more data Takt processes for you, the smarter the system becomes. Takt is always looking for opportunities to further improve your operation.

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